Calum's debut EP 'Maybe Half a Lifetime' was released on the 8th September to a sell-out launch show and is now available to purchase... 

'EP OF THE YEAR' 2019!

BBC Radio Merseyside's Folkscene (longest running specialist music radio programme in British broadcasting history) presenter Mike Brocken announced that 'Maybe Half a Lifetime', by Calum Gilligan, had been selected as the show's 'EP of 2019'!

"Calum Gilligan quickly proves to be a gifted songwriter with a voice to back it up." - Folk Radio 

"...a beautiful opening act. A lovely voice with a few gloriously pop-edged tunes. There was a hint of Kris Drever about him, and that's no bad thing." -Downend Folk Club

"Maybe Half A Lifetime may only consist of five songs, but in those precious gems stands a feeling of understanding the songwriter and artist in such a way that the need to hold the songs close is overwhelming, that the time played with is enough to reminisce of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel at their absolute best" - Liverpool Sound and Vision

"The perfect musical mélange for the quiet hours of the day, one best enjoyed having a hot brew in a cozy setting." - Carpe Carmina